Labor-Management Relationships Key To Any Solid Business

laborSnart executives suggest that the trend toward more outsourcing and partnerships will have even broader impacts in the future. Managing those relationships will be key.

To work well, all these relationships – all dynamic and subject to change – will require thoughtful planning and constant attention. Many executives anticipate their organization becoming more “virtual” in the coming years, but they also see some obstacles to getting there, such as the difficulty of managing people effectively and the problem of maintaining clear and frequent communications.

A company must decide what its core competencies are – meaning the root business it is in and its primary functions in that business. These are often what the company handles internally, while support systems, secondary markets, and allied products and services are handled through outsourcing or partnerships.

Companies that once handled everything internally now find they must concentrate on their core competencies, so they outsource much more than they once did. Competitors, too, sometimes become …

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